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Acute Sports Injuries and Surgery | MahiClinic Chennai

An active lifestyle is vital for healthy living as it improves our mental health in addition to benefiting our heart, lungs, muscles, and a lot more. Playing sports check all the boxes for a healthy lifestyle activity as it comes packed with health benefits, fun, and entertainment. Injuries are also part of the package, and some acute sports injuries may require surgery as a treatment. But that should not stop anyone from playing, as an expert orthopaedic specialist can almost always get you back on your feet. 

Dr Vijay Kumar Sohanlal, a senior specialist in joint replacement and orthopaedics at MGM healthcare and Mahi Clinic in Chennai, offers valuable insight into acute sports injuries and their treatment. Dr Vijay says that surgery is often considered a last resort for sports-related injuries, but it has a very high success rate. New surgical techniques and pain management procedures have made orthopaedic surgeries a good option in several acute cases.

Conservative Care for Injuries

Dr Vijay informs that minor injuries can be treated with the RICE method ( Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) . As soon as you experience a sports injury like an ankle or knee sprain, the RICE method should be used to subside pain and swelling.

●      Rest may seem instinctive when you are hurt but sometimes, we ignore the pain and do not rest the injured area of the body. In case of an injury, stop the activity and rest as much as possible.

●      Ice is a known pain and swelling reducing substance. Use an icepack or ice wrapped in a towel periodically.

●      Compression of the injured or sore area by wrapping it with a stretchable bandage can be helpful in decreasing swelling.

●      Elevate the affected area above the heart level to reduce pain and swelling. You can use pillows for this purpose.

Surgery for Acute Injuries 

The RICE method can be very helpful but in some acute cases, certain tissues in the body may not heal completely. Such tissues can be the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), Meniscus, posterior cruciate ligament ( PCL) and ligaments. Sometimes the damage may be done to the joint capsules or a major fracture may have been caused. Dr Vijay says that surgery becomes important in such cases to enable proper healing and restore the full functionality of the injured part.

Dr Vijay, one of the best orthopaedic specialists in Chennai, mentions some of the surgeries that are common in sports-

related injuries:

●      Bone fracture which is extending into the joint is usually operated when the casting may not be able to heal the broken bones.

●      ACL Surgery – Arthroscopy or keyhole surgery is done to reconstruct a torn ACL in the knee. The ACL is a knee ligament with a strong band of connective tissues that attach one bone to another.

●      Rotator cuff surgery for the shoulder involves re-attaching the torn tendon in the shoulder. The procedure can be done with a keyhole surgery (arthroscopy) or open repair if the tear is large or complex

●      Surgeries related to wrist, hand and elbow are done to address reduced grip due to tendon injuries.

●      Common spine injuries are not disastrous and do not mean the end of a sports career. Proper surgical treatment can help you return to sports. 

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