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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The median nerve is one of the main nerves that control the movements of our hands. This nerve enters the hand through a narrow tunnel in the wrist called the carpal tunnel. The tunnel is formed by small wrist bones, carpal bones, on the sides...

Ganglion Cysts – Symptoms and Treatment

Small and non-cancerous sacs of fluid that usually develop near a joint or a tendon are called ganglion Cysts. The fluid inside these lumps is like the lubrication fluid in our joints. These round or oval-shaped cysts vary in size. Some of them are very...

Trigger Finger – Causes and Treatment

The muscles of the forearm and the bones of fingers are attached by flexor tendons. These tendons glide over other tissues, usually termed as “pulleys”, that also hold the tendons close to the finger bones. The flexor tendons help you bend your fingers to make...

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