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Ankle Fracture

A part which is integral to lead an active lifestyle, ankle fracture happens when one or more bones in the ankle are broken. An ankle fracture can be partial or complete and range in severity.
Ankle fractures commonly happen at the fibula or tibia, and are usually the result of the ankle twisting or jutting outward or inward.


Cause of Ankle Fracture :

  • Twisting, rotating or rolling ankle
  • Fracture from high impact activity like a fall
  • Rolling ankle, affecting ligaments that keep the ankle stable
  • Impact to ankle in a car accident

Symptoms of Ankle Fracture :

  • Immediate Pain from the fractured site
  • A radiating pain
  • Swelling at the ankle
  • Bruising along the leg or the fractured site

Treatment for Ankle Fracture:

  • Splinting
  • Casting
  • Surgery

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