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Finger Fracture

Bones of the fingers are small but can be broken even after a small injury. The fracture of any of the finger bones can interrupt simple functions like grasping a pen or manipulating small objects in hand.

Bruised and broken finger

Cause of Finger Fracture:

Hand injury OR slamming fingers in a door OR finger jams while trying to catch a ball OR carelessness when working with power saws, drills, and other tools.

Symptoms of Finger Fracture:

Bruising, tenderness and swelling of the fracture area, inability to move the injured finger along with deformity of the injured finger.

Treatment for Finger Fracture:

Finger fractures may be treated with splint or cast to hold the injured finger straight and protect it from further injury. But some of the fractures may require surgery to put the bones into alignment.

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