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Heel Fracture

Fracture of heel is a quite severe and disabling injury that can cause long-term complications due to damage of the articular cartilage covering the joint. Generally heel gets fractures when it is crushed under the weight of the body.

Cause of Heel Fracture:

High-energy car crash OR fall from height OR twisting injury to the ankle

Symptoms of Heel Fracture:

Widened, shortened, and deformed heel along with severe pain, tenderness, bruising, swelling, deformity of the heel and inability to put weight on the heel.

Treatment of Heel Fracture:

Most of the heel fractures require surgery to reconstruct the normal anatomy of the heel and restore mobility so that patients can return to normal activity. Very rarely, nonsurgical treatment including immobilization by cast, brace and splint is recommended if the pieces of broken bone have not been displaced by the force of the injury. It is ideal to wait for 5 to 7 days till the swelling subsides for surgery.

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