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Tibial Plataeu (Tibia – lower leg Fractures)

Tibia is one of the longest bones of our body that lies between the knee and ankle joint. It requires a strong force to break this long bone of the lower leg.

Characteristics of Tibia (lower leg) Fracture

Cause: High-energy collisions, such as an automobile or motorcycle crash OR sports injuries, such as a fall while skiing OR running into another player OR forceful twisting of lower leg

Symptoms: Pain, swelling, deformity, bruising and tenderness around the injured area along with inability to walk or bear weight on leg and numbness in the foot.

Treatment: Treatment depends upon the severity of injury and patient condition. It may include immobilization of the leg with a cast or surgical intramedullary nailing. Some fractures can be treated by fixation of the fracture fragments with plates and screws.