Hip Arthritis

The term arthritis is used to refer to the inflammation of joints. Hip Arthritis is one of the common arthritis, which in itself is a form of Osteoarthritis. It usually happens because the hip is one of the body weight bearing joints. It is usually accompanied by very acute pain at the hips. A progressive stiffness is also a common symptom.

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Hip Arthritis Causes

Causes vary from age to sex. Old age people are more prone to arthritis. Hypertension, over cholesterol, overweight, obesity, joint infection, physical inactivity, higher BMI, excessive smoking can all be the causes of hip arthritis.


A detailed checkup and sometimes even a family background check for similar symptoms might be required. The doctor might go for an X-ray, a joint scan, an MRI, a bone scan, Rheumatoid factor, a synovial fluid analysis or an anti-CCP antibody test. Sometimes, a C-reactive protein, a complete blood count test or a uric acid test also might be prescribed.