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Frozen Shoulder

The shoulder joint is covered by a capsule and it becomes stiff, inflamed and tight resulting in severe pain, restriction in movement and disturbed night sleep.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder :

  • Pain even in rest
  • Restriction of movements
  • Disturbed night sleep
  • Difficulty in combing hair and wearing clothes
  • Common in Diabetes mellitus

Causes of Frozen Shoulder :

  • There is a decrease in synovial fluid in the joint. As a result, the lubrication in the joint reduces and thereby the shoulder capsule thickens, swells, and tightens and form adhesions.
  • The space between the capsule and ball of the humerus reduces and results in stiff, tight shoulders..

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder :

  • Physical therapy
  • Intra-articular steroid injections
  • Manipulation of shoulder joint under anesthesia
  • Arthroscopic release of the capsule