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Management of Avascular Necrosis

The early stages of avascular necrosis can be very well managed by Core decompression due to the smooth and round surface of the head.

Core Decompression

This procedure involves the removal of dead and degenerated bone tissue so that new and healthy tissue may grow. Through an incision on the side of the thigh, a guide-wire is inserted against the degenerated femur. One larger hole or several smaller holes are made into the femoral head to relieve pressure in the bone and create channels for new blood vessels to nourish the affected areas of the hip.

The core decompression can be combined with bone grafting to help regenerate healthy bone and support cartilage at the hip joint. Bone grafting is the transplantation of the healthy bone tissue (from the patient’s own body or from the donor or from a cadaver or synthetic bone graft) to an area of the body where it is needed.

Severe cases of avascular necrosis can only be managed by total hip replacement surgery.