FAQ – Shoulder Replacement Surgery

How do I know if I need a shoulder replacement surgery?

Pain in the shoulder that limits the functioning and mobility of the joint and has not resolved even after conservative management should be considered for shoulder replacement.


What is the ideal age for shoulder replacement surgery?

Age is not a considering factor for shoulder replacement surgery. It is the condition of the patient and disorder that predicts the need for replacement surgery.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital after shoulder replacement surgery?

The typical stay is somewhere between 48 – 72 hours as almost half of the patients stay two days while the other half stay for three days.

How soon will I be able to drive or play golf after surgery?

Patient may become able to drive or play approximately3 – 6 months after replacement surgery with a gradual increase in the duration of activities.

What happens if the device loosens or causes infection in the joint?

In most of these cases, revision surgery is performed.

How important is rehabilitation after any shoulder surgery?

Rehabilitation plays a critical role in both the nonsurgical and surgical treatment of any shoulder disorder. Rehabilitation comprises of exercises or physical therapy program to regain strength and improve function in the shoulder.

How successful is shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacement is a very safe, effective and successful procedure in most of the cases and patient experience remarkable improvement in the pain, motion and functioning of the joint after surgery. The survival of the implant is 90 to 95% at 10 years after surgery and approximately 80% 20 years after surgery.

Will I be aware of the implant in my shoulder?

Usually not.

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