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best Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Clinic in Chennai

How is ACL Tear Different from PCL Tear?

Knee injuries are one of the most common reasons that keep athletes on the side-lines. An athlete’s knee suffers from overuse and collision, especially in high impact sports, resulting in a serious injury like an ACL tear or PCL tear. Before we examine how ACL tear...

How is Life After Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement surgeries are very common among the range of orthopaedic treatments extended these days. However, the thought of having a problematic joint removed and replaced with an artificial one may not be very comforting for some. This article presents the details of life after...

Top Tips for Finding the Best Orthopaedic Clinic

The importance of our body’s mobility can never be overstated but we often neglect that keeping our bones healthy is a lifelong requirement. Bone health and growth are usually a priority during childhood and then forgotten till we suffer from the consequences. And then our...

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