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Hemiarthroplasty / Partial hip replacement

Hip joint is a ball and socket joint. Ball is head of the femur bone ( thigh bone) and the socket is the cup called acetabulum ( pelvis).

Fracture neck of femur or intertrochanteric fracture are the fractures that occur at the upper part of the thigh bone.

In elderly people, these fractures are common and require surgery for early mobilization.

In total hip replacement, both cup and ball are replaced with a metal or ceramic. In hemiarthroplasty or partial hip replacement, as the name suggests – only ball is replaced with metal and cup remains as it is.

Indication of Hemiarthroplasty
  • Fracture neck of femur
  • Intertrochanteric fracture
  • People are not fit for total hip replacement with these above fractures
Symptoms of hip fractures
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Not able to stand and walk following fall
  • Unable to lift the affected leg
Cause of hip fractures
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Fall
  • Osteoporotic bone
  • Bone cancer

Surgery is the best option.

Depending on the general condition, comorbidities, anesthesia fitness, the patient can be planned for Hemiarthroplasty.

Post surgical recovery
  • Patients are mobilized full weight bearing
  • High bed sitting
  • Spirometry