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Why should I undergo knee replacement?

Why at this age I have to think of undergoing a surgery?
Why should I spend money for this kind of surgery – is it really worth it?
Anyways it is the latter half of my life, lets live as such and bear the pain!
I hear that it is a painful procedure and one of my friends who had undergone this surgery quite some time back is still in pain.

Is it safe to get operated during this pandemic?
These are few of the pertinent questions I come across in my daily practice.
Let me start by replying that knee replacement is worth every penny you spend and worth bearing the initial pain which is common to any surgical procedure.

It improves the quality of life drastically- after all life starts at 50! It is a new lease of life for patients for whom daily chores like walking, fetching a glass of water, going to the restroom become a task due to the severe pain in the knee joint. It is an opportunity to start living again – painfree. Exciting things like hiking, swimming, playing various sports, travelling independently, visiting relatives is no more a distant dream. Mundane activities like climbing stairs, walking to pick up the grocery or going to pick up your grandchildren can be done with ease.

Another added advantage is since this surgery makes you go back to being physically active, people with Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol and Cardiac problems see these diseases coming under control. Patients are able to reduce their body weight as exercising is no more a painful activity following knee replacement.

Yes, it is safe to undergo a knee replacement surgery during this Pandemic. A healthy lifestyle is all the more important in today’s scenario. Due to the lockdown, people were home bound with reduced to near nil physical activity which worsened their existing pain and stiffness in the joints. It also has worsened their co morbidities like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol and cardiac problems. In spite of the relaxation in lockdown, patients are unable to walk or step out of their house due to the increase in existing pain and pooy controlled co morbidities.

Another common question is should I get operated in one knee or both the knees?
My answer would be if a patient has pain in both the knees and anaesthetically and medically they are fit to undergo a surgery then it is better to get operated on both the knees in a single sitting. It has benefits like single hospital admission, anaesthesia needs to be given only once, physiotherapy sessions at one go, medications have to be taken once and by doing all this patient saves 25 percent of money as well.

In short Knee Replacement makes the next chapter of your life easy, exciting, pain free!

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