Who are we?

We are Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Clinic located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Headed by Dr. Vijay Sohanlal, Mahi Clinic is an outpatient Joint Replacement and Orthopaedic Centre.

Joint Replacement

Arthroscopy is an amalgamation of two words, Arthro meaning joint and Scopy meaning to look or observe or examine.

Joint Replacement

Joints are the connections made between bones in the body which allow the individuals to move in different degrees and types.


The term “arthritis” means inflammation of the joint. It is a broad term that is used to describe rheumatic diseases and conditions.

The sports medicine at Mahi Clinic are perfect for your needs

Sports Medicine

Latest advanced technology to treat back pain & neck pain.

Spine Care
arthroscopy of knee treatment in chennai, kilpauk, sowcarpet

Don’t let knee pain hold you back from enjoying.

Knee Care
orthopedic surgery in chennai

Orthopedics specialties involved in your fracture treatment.

Fracture Care
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MAHI Orthopedic Clinic is progressing and expanding its wings with opening of a new branch at Mullah Sahib Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai to provide efficient access to affordable medical and orthopedic care treatments such as knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement etc.

I had pain in both my knees for 8 years. I was very scared of surgery. The day i met Dr.Vijay, I was convinced and was confident. I underwent bilateral Total knee replacement. Today i do all my work independently and go for morning walk everyday.


I am from Kolkata. Because of my knee problem I was not able to walk. I met Dr.Vijay in Kolkata and decided to get operated under him. My left knee was replaced. It has been two years now, my lung and kidney problems have improved.


I met with Road traffic accident and sustained fractures to my pelvis, Sacro iliac joint, Right thigh bone fracture, Right leg bones fracture. Dr.Vijay saved me and gave me second life. Because of him only I am alive today.


I am 82yrs old, had fracture neck of femur six months back. I underwent Total hip replacement . I never thought that i would be able to walk again. But i was made to walk the next day of my surgery. I am very happy.


I met with Road traffic accident and sustained fracture to both my thigh bone ( Femur) and left wrist. I was operated by Dr.Vijay and i was made to walk in 8 weeks time. I have no words to say how happy I am.


While playing I had injured my Right knee and sustained ACL tear. I underwent Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and i recovered completely. I am back to sports.


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