Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

Avascular necrosis is the death of bone tissue (femoral head) in the hip due to a lack of blood supply. This can ultimately lead to the destruction of the hip joint and arthritis. Although avascular necrosis can occur in any bone, hip joint is the most commonly affected by it.



  • Steroid Intake
  • Sickle cell disorder
  • Decreased haemoglobin or oxygen-carrying component of blood
  • Sea diving
  • Inadequate nourishment
  • Excessive and long-term Alcohol Intake


  • The first symptom is often hip pain
  • Hip pain can sometimes be followed by a dull ache or throbbing pain in the groin or buttock area
  • Difficulty standing and balancing weight on the affected hip
  • Painful movement of the hip joint


  • Core decompression: Involves removing the inner layer of affected bone
  • Bone transplant procedure help strengthen the area of the affected bone
  • Bone reshaping (osteotomy) to help shift weight off the damaged bone.
  • Hip Joint replacement surgery to replace the damaged parts of the joint.

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