FAQ – Knee Joint Disorders

How to decide from so many options for surgical treatment for knee joint disorders?

Well!!! It is not the patient who will decide about the type of surgery to repair the damaged knee joint. Your treating surgeon will decide the type of surgery depending upon the extent of damage of your knee joint.


Are there any risks involved with these surgeries?

Most of the procedures are safe and effective to give relief from the knee pain. But as every surgical procedure have some risks and complications, knee surgeries can also have following risks or complications:

  • Excessive bleeding and hematoma formation
  • Formation of blood clots after surgery
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Wound infection
  • Nerve & other tissue damage
  • Dislocation of joint
  • Increased pain or stiffness in knee
  • Implant failure etc.

Can I exercise before and after the surgery?

Patients eligible for surgery are advised to start mild exercises and physical therapy some 2 weeks before the surgery and soon after the surgery to help the joint adjust well to the new setting and improve mobility.

How soon can I get out of bed?

After almost all types of knee joint surgeries, the surgeon motivates the patient to start moving on the same day or the next day after the procedure.

Will I feel pain during the surgery?

No. All the procedures are performed under anesthesia that can be regional or general depending upon the type of procedure and patient requirement.

Will I need a walker, crutches, or cane after surgery?

Yes. After almost all procedures, your surgeon and physical therapist will prescribe a walker, cane or crutches until your muscle strength returns.

What should I do for the success of surgery after being discharged from the hospital?

Patient should follow all the guidelines and instructions provided by the surgeon for the success of surgery. In addition to this, rehabilitation and physical therapy should be continued till the muscles regain their strength and patient feels decreased pain while walking and performing his daily activities.

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