Uncemented Hip Replacement

This procedure is ideal for younger people who are more active with a demanding lifestyle and has good bone quality. In such individuals with hip fractures or experiencing chronic hip pain and stiffness, an uncemented hip replacement may be recommended to restore mobility and functionality.


At Mahi Clinic, Dr. Vijay discusses in detail the procedure and the prosthesis used. Prosthesis is made up of metal or ceramic components and a highly cross-linked plastic.
Dr. Vijay does this procedure with minimally invasive techniques to minimize scarring and speed up recovery time. With proper care and rehabilitation, most patients are made to walk the next day following the surgery and are able to return to their normal activities within a few weeks after surgery.

Don't let hip fractures or chronic hip pain keep you away from living your life to the fullest. Contact Mahi Clinic to schedule a consultation and learn more about how cemented hip replacement surgery can help restore mobility and reduce pain in your hip.

Prosthesis / Implant - Total hip replacement

In a total hip replacement, the longevity of the surgery depends on the implant used, the surgeon, and how well the replaced hip was taken care of by an individual who underwent the surgery.
There are different types of implants are available in the market with variable costs. For example, metal on metal, metal on poly, ceramic on poly, and ceramic on ceramic. At Mahi clinic, Dr. Vijay discusses in detail the prosthesis, its merits, and demerits.

The Package Includes the following:

Imported Implant cost, 3 to 5 days Room Charges, Operation theatre Charges, Post-operative hip X-ray, Theatre Consumables, Doctor Fee, Physiotherapy.

The Package Excludes:

 Cross consultation with other specialists, room charges of more than 5 days, Icu, blood products, Medication and investigations for Co-morbid conditions like cardiac, Diabetes, Renal Conditions, neuro, etc..( which is required only in a few people ) and Physiotherapy visits to the home.
The package range depends on the type of implant used.


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    Dr. Vijay Kumar Sohanlal
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