Elbow fracture

An elbow fracture is a break in one or more of the bones that make up the elbow joint, which include the upper arm bone (humerus), the forearm bone closest to the elbow (ulna), and the bone on the opposite side of the forearm (radius). The elbow joint is a complex hinge joint that allows for movements such as bending and straightening of the arm, as well as rotation of the forearm.



  • Elbow fractures include direct trauma such as a fall onto an outstretched arm
  • Indirect trauma, such as a twisting injury.
  • People who participate in high-contact sports, such as football or hockey.
  • People who have osteoporosis are at higher risk of developing a fracture.


  • Pain and swelling in the affected area.
  • Difficulty moving the arm, and bruising.
  • Individual may hear a snapping or popping sound at the time of injury.
  • The elbow may also appear deformed or visibly out of place.


  • Elbow fracture will depend on the type and severity of the fracture.
  • In some cases, a simple splint or cast may be sufficient to stabilize the bone.
  • Surgery may be necessary to realign the bones and secure them in place.
  • Physical therapy will be recommended to restore strength and flexibility

It is important to seek medical attention promptly if you suspect you have an elbow fracture. Early diagnosis and treatment can help to minimize the risk of long-term complications and ensure a successful outcome.

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